1st June 2018
Telford International Centre, Telford, UK
The leading exhibition and conference for the plastics industry
1st June 2018
Telford International Centre, Telford, UK
The leading exhibition and conference for the plastics industry
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PDM Conference

Day one- 14th of June 2016


10.00   Chairman’s opening remarks

David Eldridge, Editor, Plastics News Europe



 Market Overview 


10.15   Now What?  What got you here won’t get you where you need to be tomorrow

  • Future convergence of products and plastics (automotive, medical devices, consumer, IoT, energy, robots, drones)
  • Focusing on the right vision
  • Inside Out or Outside In thinking
  • Disruptive technology waiting in the shadows
  • Getting beyond your core competencies (how to be transformational)
  • Putting innovation into action (key takeaways from innovative companies)
Steve May-Russell, National Board Director, British Industrial Design Association

10.45   Patenting strategy in injection moulding and plastics design

  • Patents provide both direct and indirect benefits including market exclusivity, competitive advantage, reputation and tax savings
  • Only a basic understanding of the nature of patents is needed to determine their contribution to a company’s value proposition
  • Patent costs are relatively predictable and so patenting strategy can and should be based on a balance between their value contribution, costs and risks

Jason Lessard, European Patent, Trade Mark and Design Attorney and Patent Director, HGF Ltd.


 Injection Moulding 

11.15   Freeformer additive manufacturing vs. conventional additive manufacturing –ARBURG’s perspective

  • How does the ARBURG Freeformer differ from conventional Additive Manufacturing? 
  • Why ARBURG want to use standard plastic granulate and the challenges involved.
  • What advantages does standard resin give us over conventional additive manufacturing processes?

Martin Neff, Team Manager Technology Consulting-Plastic Freeforming, ARBURG


11.45    The newest in SprayPET technology

  • Myths and realities regarding plastic aerosols in the modern markets
  • Snapshot look at the technical challenges and the legislative challenges

William Lunn, Sales Manager-UK, Plastipak 


12.15   Panel Discussion: Relevance of recent innovations in injection moulding

Moderator: Philip Law, Director-General, British Plastics Federation

Graeme Herlihy, Managing Director, Engel
Shaun Ruck, Director, Helix Polymer Technology Ltd.
Phil Reeves, Vice President - Strategic Consulting, Stratasys
Colin Tirel, Managing Director, ARBURG Ltd.
Mark Amphlett, Sales and Marketing Manager, Amtek Plastics


13.00   Most Influential People in the UK Plastics Industry ceremony.


 Roto Moulding 

13.30   Alternative materials for the Rotomoulding sector

  • Overview on non-PE resins intended to be used in rotomoulding
  • Successful case studies where an innovative technical solution created new opportunities for moulders

Gary Nolan, Technical Manager, Matrix Polymers



14.00   CREEP -the hidden killer, how to protect your designs

  • When plastics are subjected to load, they deflect immediately, but they continue to deflect, even at relatively low levels of stress.  This phenomenon is known as creep and can be the cause of long-term failure of plastic products
  • Knowing how your chosen part with behave over time, when under stress, is vital to ensure the design lifetime of plastic parts is achieved.  What may seem a perfectly safe design, when analysed under instantaneous load conditions, can turn into a product failure scenario when creep is factored in.  Be warned!
  • This presentation summarises the current thinking about creep in plastics and presents some test data and conclusions about how creep affects the approach to designing plastic parts, with particular reference to polyolefin polymers

Dr Nick Henwood, Rotational Moulding Expert, Rotomotive Ltd



14.30   Industry 4.0 for SMEs

  • What Industry 4.0 is and why it might be important?
  • How it might affect your business?
  • What SMEs need to consider?
  • The barriers to adoption
  • How the WMG SME Group might help?

Scott Crowther, Innovation Manager, Warwick Manufacturing Group



 Machinery and Process 


15.00   Energy efficient equipment in plastics processing

  • Plastics processing equipment in 2016 is certainly more energy efficient compared to earlier equipment but what are the real choices?
    • How do you compare the bewildering options of injection moulding machine drives?
    • Is it worthwhile changing your extruder from a DC motor to the new AC + VSD option or the even better PM motor option?
    • Should we look at IR heating in thermoforming?
    • There are new choices for almost every process and processors need to understand the options, the costs and the potential savings.
  • This presentation aims to strip away the 'hype' to discuss the real options and the real savings that can be achieved by updating or replacing existing equipment.

Dr Robin Kent, Founder and Managing Director, Tangram Technology



 Market Dynamics 


15.30   Prices & fundamentals in the global polyolefin markets

  • Global overview of polymer demand supply trends
  • European pricing over the first half of the year
  • Platts ethylene, propylene month ahead indicators 

Daved Chohan, Editor, SP Global Platts



15.50   Closing remarks



Day two- 15th of June 2016


10.00   Chairman’s opening remarks

David Eldridge, Editor,  Plastics News Europe




10.15   New design opportunities with effect pigments

  • Effect pigment preparations for Rotational Moulding. Allows new colour design opportunities in Rotomoulding
  • WAY Technology in Effect pigments – Weathering and Anti-yellowing effect pigments for plastics

Dr Laurent Deloux, Lab ManagerMerck


10.45   Beyond the shelf – Linking designing with social media and marketing

  •  How to create unique strategy, brand and implementation process, to maximise effectiveness and return on investment when delivering marketing campaigns.
  • Success stories from client projects
  • Explore how social media can be successfully integrated into campaigns, as well as predicting future design and marketing trends.

Andy Ditchburn, Creative Director, Perro Design and Communications



11.15    Design as a tool for integrating different processes

  • The plastics industry tends to be focused on specific processes
  • Industrial Designers are focussed on creating great user experiences
  • What happens when the two come together?

Les Stokes, Director, LA Design


 Industry Innovation 


11.45    Case Study: Braidlock line anchor designing

  • An ingenious, practical, cost effective solution to a worldwide healthcare problem
  • Based upon the design principle of the Chinese finger trap
  • Winner of the 2015 Plastic Awards, Industrial Design

Keith Lawson, Commercial Director, Boddingtons Plastics




12.15   Development of polymers for automotive applications

  • Typical Automotive Applications for Plastics
  • High Temperature Polyamides from Radici
  • Low Formaldehyde Emission POM from MEP
  • Non-Transparent PMMA and PMMA for headlamp lenses from Evonik

Dan Jarvis, Technical Manager, Plastribution


12.45   Current trends in plastics for automotive engineering

  • The Government’s target to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions and the impact this has had on automotive engineering
  • The increase of research into alternative fuel technologies and new materials supported with case studies which show the work Nifco is doing in this area

Paul Chapman, General Manager - R&D & Design, Nifco - UK




 Product Development 

13.15   Accelerating product development and designing

  • Project planning for the real world - How to manage projects in a fast moving environment
  • Keeping complex medtech projects on-track - Balancing technology and usability
  • How events conspire to derail your plans - What can go wrong and how to deal with it
  • Dealing with technical risk - Innovating within time and budget

Patrick Hall, Development Director, Maddison Ltd.



13.45  Film Insert Moulding of Interior Automotive Plastics

  • • MacDermid Autotype perception of automotive interior trends
  • • Applications for FIM in automotive
  • • Automotive displays – anti-glare & anti-fingerprinting
  • • Driver information requirements
  • • High wear interfaces and high hardness solutions
  • • Touch interfaces and haptics

Keith Parsons, Technology Manager, MacDermid Autotype Ltd.


14.15   3D computer-aided design software – A solution for automation of routine operations

  • 3D mould tool design
  • Model Analysis and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) validation 
  • Plastic flow analysis

Paul Smithson, Support Engineer, Vero Software


14.45   PREVIEW - Predictive System to Recommend Injection Mould Set Up with Process Optimisation in Wireless Sensor Networks

  • PREVIEW concerns a Cyber Physical System (CPS) for plastic injection manufacturing processes monitoring, control and optimisation, by incorporating several innovative and cutting edge technological solutions
  • A middleware solution that facilitates easy, ubiquitous, holistic and fast sharing of product and process information across the entire injection production process
  • PREVIEW aims to produce a pre-commercial technology, efficient, versatile and flexible and adapted to the actual and future market needs

Dr Javier Vera-Sorrosche, Senior Technologist, Smithers Rapra 


15.15   Auxetic polymers – New business opportunities for plastics industry

  • Auxetics are fascinating materials displaying the unusual property of becoming thicker when stretched.
  • The auxetic property confers unusual or extreme values of other useful properties paving the way for improved products in aerospace, healthcare, defence and sporting sectors, amongst others - as evidenced by an exponentially growing patent portfolio relating to auxetics and the recent commercial launch of a range of 'auxetic' sports shoes by a major sporting goods manufacturer.
  • This talk will discuss developments in auxetic polymer fibres, fabrics, foams, honeycombs and composites within the context of commercial developments in both production and performance/function.

Andy Alderson, Principal Research Fellow, Materials and Engineering Research Institute, Sheffield Hallam University


15.45   Closing remarks






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