1st June 2018
Telford International Centre, Telford, UK
The leading exhibition and conference for the plastics industry
1st June 2018
Telford International Centre, Telford, UK
The leading exhibition and conference for the plastics industry
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Plastics Recycling conference


Day one- 14th of June 2016


10.00    Chairman’s opening remarks



10.15    The ‘economic sandwich’ trap: how can we overcome the difficulty of keeping plastics recovery facilities viable and sustainable in the current economic environment. 

  • The problem of the sandwich between:
    • waste management companies who want to sell mixed bales of plastics for the best price (capturing the export PERN value)
    • Primary packaging producers who are benefiting from very low virgin polymer prices
  • How unfortunate plastic recyclers want to access the PRNs whilst targets are ramping up.
  • Problems with output - trying to sell, but hard.  How some have gone to the wall or are struggling. What is the answer?

Keith Freegard, Director, Axion Recycling


10.45    Where is the UK going with targets and what is best for the industry?

  • Consultation on the Circular Economy and Waste Directive review – outcomes
  • UK targets - where are we?  Will we get to the magic number by 2017?
  • Put on the Market (POM) figure – and what the changes have meant
  • What is the answer - do simple high targets really drive up proper recycling – or just more collection?

Phil Conran, Director, 360 Environmental


11.15   PRN system reform

  • How urgent reform is needed before more UK recyclers become victims of the current market failure
  • Could the current situation have been avoided had the UK government taken decisive action and implemented the proposals it published last year in its manifesto?
  • What are the changes that are needed

Javed Mawji, CEO, Ecotech London Ltd


11.45    Targets and PRNs: follow up discussion session

Javed Mawji, CEO, Ecotech London Ltd

Phil Conran, Director, 360 Environmental

Andrew McCaffery, Director of Consulting, Valpak




12.30   Consumers: the making or braking of the Circular Economy?

  • Are consumers the weakest link in cycling resources?
  • How do you engage them?
  • One message, many voices?

Jane Bevis, Chair, OPRL



13.00   Most Influential People in the UK Plastics Industry ceremony.





13.30   Food for thought: Courtauld Commitment 2025

  • An introduction to the Courtauld agreement
  • The life cycle approach that this agreement will take
  • How the agreement will affect Plastics Recycling

Andrew Bird, Chair, LARAC




14.00   Value Chains in the Circular Economy

  • The Circular Economy (CE): what it is and what it proposes
  • How various elements of the value chain have been so far considered in isolation, while manufacturers need principles for the design of a whole value chain in a CE.
  • An overview of existing Value Chains in a CE
  • The application of the principles of strategic alignment for the effective design of product development strategies, supply chain strategies, and commercial strategies in a CE, with a specific focus on the UK manufacturing sector for plastics.

Donato Masi, Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management, University of Warwick


14.30   Collaboration best practice case study: The REFLEX project; creating a circular economy for flexible packaging by involving the whole supply chain

  • How flexible packaging makes up nearly a third of consumer plastic packaging in the UK with virtually all ending up in landfill.
  • Introduction to the REFLEX project; an innovative collaborative project aimed at significantly improving the recyclability of flexible packaging and diverting more of it from landfill.
  • How the project will include innovative inks, new barrier polymers, novel packaging designs and a new automated sorting technique.

Richard McKinlay, Chemical Engineer, Axion Recycling



15.00   Closing Remarks



Day two- 15th of June 2016




10.00    Chairman’s opening remarks
Stuart Hayward-Higham, Technical Development Director, Sita



10.15   Is there a future for recycling waste plastics in the United Kingdom?

Mike Baxter,  BPF Recycling Group



10.45   Trends in plastic packaging; does progress made in the function of the material outweigh the lack of recyclability?

  • Today’s plastic packaging: lightweight, strong, increasing shelf life and reducing food waste. But is it all making the material impossible to recycle?
  • A look at trends in plastic packaging:
  • Are there more plastic packs? 
  • What do they look like? 
  • What plastics are being used? 
  • Is light grey the new black?
  • Where does it all go?
  • Is there more focus on design for recycling in balance with lightweight /  visual attractiveness /  barrier layers /  overprinting / heat sealing?

Stuart Hayward-Higham, Technical Development Director, Sita


11.15   Pots Tubs Trays - can designers of PTT make them more widely recycled?  How it's affecting the UK bottle recycling market.

  • The makeup of PTT: technology used and how the material differs in terms of its physical properties. 
  • Is PTT recycling is affecting the UK bottle recycling market? How recyclers are finding their rejection rates going up. 
  • Councils rolling out collections of PTT - how is that affecting collections / recycling in general?
  • How more tonnes are being collected, but value per tonne drops as the mix gets more diverse; how much ends up as EfW feedstock via an expensive processing route.

Stuart Kershaw, Trading Sales Manager (Plastics), Viridor Waste Management


11.45   Oxo-biodegradables and the early impact of the plastic bag charge on the market. 

  • The possible exemption for oxo-biodegradable films and how that might affect film recycling.
  • How the message that bio or oxo-degradables are OK if they excape into the environment may encourage littering of all plastics
  • End user markets for commonly recycled plastic films; construction damp-proof membranes / geotextiles and the worry of contamination of auto-degradable additive into the plastics waste stream
  • Evidence that products made from biodegradable plastics are just as likely to damage the marine environment

Mike Baxter, External Affairs Director, Bpi.recycled products


12.00   PVC's Contribution towards a Circular Economy

  • Update on VinylPlus at European Level
  • UK Contribution to VinylPlus
  • Challenges of legacy Additives
  • Looking ahead - key challenges and opportunities

Jason Leadbitter, Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, INOVYN 


12.30   The rise and fall of recycling - What’s missing?

A look into overheads, transport and sorting to get us recycled content.

Dan Jordan, former Business Development & Commercial Manager, Boomerang Plastics



13.00    The sustainability of end markets

Andrew McCaffery, Director of Consulting, Valpak


13.30   The packaging and consumer education challenges and the best of recycled plastic products

Steve Morgan, Technical Manager, RECOUP
Anne Hitch, Communications Manager, RECOUP



14.00    Tesco; closing the loop by offering single-use carry bags made from its own plastic waste

  • Breathing life into its own plastic waste; how Tesco is closing the material loop
  • Turning waste into single-use carrier bags, made from 100% recycled low-density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • How the carrier bags are made of post-consumer recycled material, produced using back of store pallet and multi-pack wrapping

Ian Sorensen, Group Head of Consumables and Waste & Recycling Procurement, Tesco


14.30   Improving sorting and developing end markets

  • Latest results of readable inks
  • Results of processing PET PTTs
  • Results of film collection trials
  • Developing end markets

Claire Shrewsbury, Packaging Programme Manager, WRAP



15.00   Closing remarks



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